3 Styles, 3 Atmospheres

We offer a repertoire of a hundred songs allowing us to adapt to all your events.

  • Pop- French and international Variety: for a warm and friendly evening

  • Rock 'n festive: to have fun on the dance floor

  • Jazz-Soul 'n Bossa: to bring a cozy atmosphere to your cocktail

Pop- French and international Variety:


     This intergenerational repertoire uses the past and present such standards of French and international song as the hits of Jean-Jacques Goldman, Véronique Sanson, Angèle, Lady Gaga, Elton John or even Michel Berger and Christophe Mae.

     Let yourself be transported by Guillaume's delicate harmonies on the guitar!

Rock 'n Festive

      You want to sing loudly and let off steam on the dance floor, then this is the repertoire you need! We will wiggle together on hits from the 80s and we will break our voices on ACDC !!!

    Jérémy's vibrant percussions will put music in your skin !!!!!

Jazz, Soul 'n Bossa

       Do you want to organize a product launch party or a cocktail between partners in an elegant and cozy atmosphere?

      The captivating voice of Julie on Norah Jones, Etta James, Peggy Lee or Aretha Franklin will bring a touch of charm to your evening while allowing you to exchange with your collaborators.

Download our setlist below